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“The American Worker”. The series features 19 individuals from all walks of life and what they do to achieve “The American Dream”. Many of the subjects have a story behind them. The series shows each worker at the end of their day, a long hard day of work. The look in their faces and eyes tells the story. Each of the subjects are the real person, not a model (except in the case of “The Model” who is a model). I think the variety of workers will leave viewers thinking “I never thought of that job being ….” Many of the subjects have a story... ”The Paramedic” was working 3 jobs a year and a half ago and took a contract job in Afghanistan as a medic with the American Embassy Support team. “The Musician” traveled across Canada for 7 months doing 1 night stands not knowing how he would eat the next day. “The Artist” was teaching underprivileged/disturbed kids as an art teacher up until last year when someone from the school saw HIS art in a show and felt that it was too disturbing and they fired him. And so on.

The premise for the series is: "Every day we work harder and harder. Eight hours, ten hours, one job, two jobs - whatever it takes. At the end of the workday, this is what we are left with. This is the story of the hard work and service that goes into The American Dream."

Labor statistics are also part of the story i.e.: “*In 1960, only 20 percent of mothers worked. Today, 70 percent of American children live in households where all adults are employed.”

This series has been featured in magazines and art galleries.