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The Pastor

The Pastor

The American Worker Series
No. 13 "The Pastor"

Rev. Darius G. Pridgen - Darius is a native of Buffalo, New York growing up in the Perry Projects and the East Side.

Rev. Pridgen was an only child that grew up from very humble beginnings and has worked tirelessly his entire life. While the majority of the public knows him as Pastor Pridgen or Council Member Pridgen, he is affectionately known in his neighborhood as “Darius” or “Rev”.

He has taken on numerous challenges and causes such as anti-gun efforts, cleaning up local toxic sites, assisting people moving to Buffalo during Hurricane Katrina, and helping to bury young victims of violence.

While Rev. Pridgen, previously served on the Buffalo School Board, and currently serves on the Buffalo Common Council, his story of overcoming adversity and his love for the community should be inspiring to all.