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The Jeweler

The Jeweler

The American Worker Series
No. 16 "The Jeweler"

Erik Anderson of Erik Jewelers - In Erik's words: "I am a third generation jeweler in my family business. My grandfather and uncle were jewelers, and I work with both parents and one of my sisters in our shop, Erik Jewelers, in Tonawanda.

Playing around with the wax bench - with some instruction from my parents - I designed my first wedding bands at age 9. The designs were put out in the showcase and became popular enough that I got paid a small commission every time one was sold.

Starting at age 12, every Saturday I spent working at my father's side learning how to make jewelry. While in high school I worked Saturdays and some evenings; and over the Summer holidays. After graduating high school, I completed the gemology course at the G.I.A. in California; then attended Buffalo State College where I earned a bachelors degree in business. I worked in the store throughout college and paid my own tuition.
Since then I've worked full time making and designing jewelry, testing and appraising gemstones, and doing all the usual things associated with a retail business."