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The Tattoo Artist

The Tattoo Artist

The American Worker Series
No. 10 "The Tattoo Artist"

Gavin Royce - Gavin is an owner of Imperial Art Studio, a tattoo and piercing shop in Tonawanda, New York. He applies his talent to the bodies of many Western New Yorkers, creating beautiful body art.

But life wasn't always this way for Gavin. As Gavin puts it "left in this world with nothing, I found myself in a tattoo shop trying to sell my art art. I wandered into a local production shop when I was 16 and asked if they needed anyone to draw the pictures on the wall. They asked me to draw a picture of a rose, I did and then they asked me to come in the following day and they would start my apprenticeship. From that point there was no looking back! I have tattooed all over the country. I am the husband of one and the father of four!"