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The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Print Title: Cape Neddick Light

This is an original print that I photographed. I photographed this lighthouse on a recent vacation along the East Coast. This highly detailed photo is of The Caped Neddick Light, also known as York Nubble or Knubble Light, and Cape Neck to locals in Maine. The lighthouse is located in York, Maine. This photo was taken on a very overcast day giving the photo a very moody, eerie and dark feeling.


The Nubble Lighthouse was built in 1879 after Congress approved it in 1874 due to many boating accidents. The Nubble Lighthouse is also known as “The Nubble,” and the Cape Neddick Lighthouse.

The Nubble Lighthouse is a 2-layer thick brick lighthouse with a cast iron outer shell to the lighthouse with a red blinking beacon which lights every 6 seconds to warn ship captains. The walkway between the Nubble Light and the house was constructed for the lighthouse keeper. It protected the keeper from bad weather when the lighthouse was needed most. Originally, there was a bell on the lighthouse that was used in bad weather. It was replaced by a fog horn in 1961.

The Nubble Lighthouse has been fully automated since 1987 and has not been occupied by a lighthouse keeper since. The US Coast Guard now maintains the Nubble Light. The town of York Maine owns and maintains the island.

The Nubble Lighthouse tower is 88 feet high and is made up of two layers of brick and reinforced with wrap-around steel plates. It is 13 feet in diameter at the base. The base floor of the Nubble Lighthouse is made of brick. The stairwell is circular (or spiral) which wraps around the inside of the lighthouse and takes you to the lighthouse platform which leads to the base of the lens room. An eight-step steel ladder goes up through a wooden trap door, giving access to the platform surrounding the dome light of the lighthouse. The platform is enclosed by a cast iron railing holding twelve posts that are each topped by custom made cast iron moldings of the lighthouse tower for decor.

The main house is a two story, six room structure consisting of a dining room., kitchen, pantry, living room, laundry room, three bedrooms, and a single bathroom. The house is built in the shape of a cross and is positioned so the roof points indicate north, south, east and west to assist the lighthouse keeper in times where direction was important.

On the north side of the main house within 50 feet of the water sits the boat house of the Nubble Lighthouse property. There are two rails that lead from the boat house to the low tide water mark. Between the boat house and main house there is a long flight of stairs and wooden ramp.

The Nubble Lighthouse also has a very interesting item on the island. There is a basket which is attached to a cable that extends from the mainland of Cape Neddick Maine, to the Nubble Lighthouse island. The trolley system consists of a good sized wooden box that is suspended on a thick metal cable which runs form the island to the mainland. The trolley system was used by the Keepers to transport groceries and supplies over the water for the lighthouse keepers.

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